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 Plugins and updates

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PostSubject: Plugins and updates   Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:04 pm

So, I uninstalled LWC entirely. It was contributing to server crashes. Do not know how, don't really care. So, current plugins installed and loaded are: Cuboid, Towny, Borderlands, CreeperNerf and of course the much wanted CraftBook.

Current BorderLands setting at a square radius of 3200 blocks from spawn. This is enough distance for now people. Do not cry to me about this as it will help the server NOT crash seeing as generating new terrain is dumped entirely on the CPU. So, not only is this a functional plugin for the server, it should add a small degree of stability.

Next subject: Bukkit. Aaaah yes! The much needed replacement to hey0 mod for overall server management. Yes, I do have it and will be testing it on a private closed server. The current build of Bukkit is called CraftBukkit and isn't even the shadow of what Bukkit will be so do not expect great things to start with. However, Bukkit is not single threaded like hmod (hey0) is so it will vastly, and I mean VASTLY, improve stability.

Next, as for the server crashes. This is not strictly a problem with TheLastResort server. It is a problem that persists throughout the entire Minecraft community.

I have taken steps such as deleting LWC and installiong Borderlands to increase stability but I can only do so much. Remember that not only is hey0 bad at handling many different players on a SMP server at the same time but also that Minecraft is still a BETA.

Patience for we will prevail with the best server the world has ever seen!!! *evil laughter* Muw-HAHAHAHAHA !!! Well, maybe not that good but on a scale of 1 too 10 it will be friggen awesome.

Thanks for reading and stay craftin' !

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Plugins and updates

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